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1. Support each other through challenges?
2. Are inspired to work towards a common purpose?

Would you like to create a team culture where teammates

Create a culture of trust and belonging within your organization

Guess what? Building a new culture that achieves impact beyond what you thought was possible gets to feel good. Creating your company culture in a new paradigm gets to be meaningful and satiating to you and your team.

This is serious work. We're talking about vulnerable things. This is why it has to be fun.

Having the tools to navigate conflict and build relationships that allow your team to speak up is the foundation for success.

It gets to feel like your connections are genuine and your team is united toward a common purpose. This means that conflict, when it happens, feels good to move through. 

This is because there is a shared understanding that when things aren’t addressed, when feedback isn’t given, and when there isn’t psychological safety, innovation is blocked. Happiness is blocked. When nothing is "under the rug" the feeling is relief.

With a shared framework of The 5 Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team framework powered by Everything DiSC® and a playful, engaging approach, your team is set to unlock their shared brilliance and make waves together.

Leadership, when done right, gets to be fun.

transform your team culture

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If you're ready to create an open, collaborative culture you're proud to be part of, let’s go!

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About customizable experiences, half-day, multi-day, few month trainings

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This 1x 60min Group Coaching session allows for your team to share their stories of practicing their applied action item and asking questions. In this engaging, lively session, we provide coaching for further development and learning while practicing the tools the team is learning together. This ensures that team members continue to apply their new learnings and in the process, deepen bonds and build trust.

60-minute Follow-Up Group Coaching 

Group Coaching

True change lies in regular application and practice. What distinguished our workshop from others is the invitation to practice the techniques with accountability follow-up. Your team will leave the workshop with an applied action item to integrate into their daily and weekly meetings.

Assignment with accountability


We will provide you with a handout so you can take home newly learned communication skills and apply them into upcoming team meetings. This hand-out represents the bridge between the workshop and the follow-up application of the learning.

Practical Tools 


This 2-hour workshop will be delivered in person, or over zoom, as per your request. It introduces the 5 Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team, a conflict resolution tool, and team techniques that strengthen your team’s connection in a fun, lighthearted way.

3-hour Team-Building Experience 


The pre-workshop consultation is an opportunity for us to learn more about your team and current team dynamics as well as define clear, specific goals for our work together. We will hence customize the workshop for your team’s needs.

30-minute Pre-Workshop Consultation


Intro Team-Building Package

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What they’re saying:

Richard Pierters

CEO of Triplebar

“Carley was our lead facilitator during our company’s off-site, her energy, creativity and personal touch was super inspiring for the team. The joint preparation helped a lot to make sure we had a well balanced agenda that reflected team building, personal development but also created a lot of fun. Carley has a friendly style that encourages people to be engaged and give their best. Work and play go together and we hope to see Carley back at our next events with the ambition to create a world class team for our tech company.”

Founder & CEO Regenerative & Resilient Circular Systems Designer, IoT + AI

Julian K. Loren

"Carley is brilliant, focused, and effective at unlocking collective genius. If you want to get to the next level as a team or a broader organization, I strongly recommend that you work with Carley. I'm looking forward to many future collaborations!"

 CEO of SF Bay Area Biotech company, 2022

“Gitta lead a key session on organizational change, communication and feedback - this was very highly appreciated by our team. The topics, interactions and practice sessions were awesome and highly effective. Most people wanted to spend even more time in the workshop!”

Harnessing science-backed techniques to regulate nervous systems, unlock the power of flow states, and ignite creativity and innovation.

Flow leadership

Cultivating an environment of open communication and generative relationships where teamwork thrives.


Empowering your team with cohesive, clear information to  ensure everyone is moving towards collective goals.

Organizational clarity

The 3 Pillars of our Team-Building Approach are:

Our aim is to build trust, connection, and psychological safety as a foundation for team success.

We are authorized partners of 5 Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC® which provide powerful assessment tools and team success model.

Our approach includes teaching effective communication strategies that are sensitive to different people’s unique style and engaging mindfulness tools that increase emotional intelligence. We include simple techniques including authentic relating games, co-active group coaching, and somatic experiences that break up unproductive mental exertion to quickly shift the team into inspiration and flow through play.

Our Approach

Let’s connect

We bridge the gap between disconnection and reconnection by focusing on our three pillars of effective teams: Organizational Clarity, Generative Collaborations, and Flow Leadership. Through creating the foundation for a culture that fosters inclusivity and belonging, you will unlock the brilliance of your team driving increased engagement, effectiveness, and retention. 
As your thriving team makes great strides toward achieving your company's mission, vision, and impact, your values-alignment will remain at the heart of your growth and forward momentum.

Who value human connection and invest in their people.

We work with organizations 

How can you create a culture where people feel able to share — communicate their needs, their challenges, feedback—without barriers? What conditions allow teammates to be able to turn to each other for support and through connection, increase satisfaction and fulfillment at work in ways that nurture new ideas and solutions? Teams need spaces and opportunities for everyone to have their voices and ideas heard, be they introverts or extroverts.

Our Offer

Roberto Rodriguez is a seasoned educator, facilitator, and coach specializing in optimizing group dynamics and conflict resolution. Raised in a single-parent, working-class immigrant household in NYC, martial arts became his beacon of hope, leading him away from adolescent challenges. As a black belt martial artist and Master of Movement Vitality Arts, Roberto teaches Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Spiral Unlocking™, and Latin Partner Dance. With a background in Process-Oriented Psychology, he passionately guides individuals and groups to integrate mind, body, and spirit, fostering collaborative expression of creative potential.

Roberto Rodriguez

Carley works with mission-driven leaders and organizations to unify their teams with shared vision and catalyze them into their next level of impact and contribution. Her approach engages both sides of the brain by using creativity-evoking techniques as informed by leading edge research in neuroplasticity and epigenetics in balance with a strategic outcome-oriented approach. From her background as a PhD chemist with technical and business development experience in the renewable energy industry as well as certified as a Transformational Facilitator from Evolving Wisdom, she is both trained and gifted at working with individuals and groups to navigate challenges creatively.

Dr. Carley Corrado

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We also offer off-sites, executive retreat facilitation, and cultural transformation packages customized to your needs.

We offer zesty team-building and incorporate an assessment tool to tailor our approach to your team and your goals

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