If you and your team have been working on something you deeply care about, but you feel like you’re getting used up in the process, we get it. You started out so excited, you have this deep care and passion and a successful track record of creating positive change in the world, but now it feels like you’re carrying this 100 lb weight. The weight on your shoulders is almost debilitating. 

Unleashing your unique leadership brilliance can be fun and enlivening.

Purpose-driven leaders, 

That’s Where We Come In… 

You Are Done with Being Stressed and Tired

This is what high stakes, impactful work looks and feels like. It’s stressful. It’s all consuming. It is what it is.

Take a moment to remember what it felt like when you were immersed completely in a project you enjoyed. You were flowing 100%, your full attention at the task at hand, and creativity coursing through you like soothing sounds in perfect harmony. This is your brain and being in creativity mode.

When you are creating from a place of inspiration, your head and heart are aligned, your nervous system is calm, and your attention focused. This is peak neurobiology. An ideal state of creativity and inspiration. A pleasure to experience. And a treasure of deep fulfillment when it aligns with your purpose. *Cue sigh of relief*

The Enliven Approach is a reorientation to effectiveness which prioritizes being over doing. It is a method that teaches you how to recognize your state of consciousness and to have tools to shift from stress to inspiration simply and when this becomes the new norm, life-changingly. 

When you prioritize optimizing your energy and commit to it by shifting your mindset in a few key ways, your path opens and opportunity finds you in the most unexpected ways.

You might be thinking…

 I can tell you that it’s not easy. Nor is it optimal. And we can shift this together.

I get it. I’ve been there.

Owner/ Founder of LYT Marketing

Kimberly Adams

“Carley is an incredibly multi-faceted leader. Her approach is heartfelt, genuine and powerful in creating an effective environment for productivity and openness in an organization. I had the pleasure to work with her several years ago in a seminar setting and was amazed by the transformation that took place in the room after her guided exercises and support. A million thank you’s to you Carley for that evening.”

What they’re saying:


I help people connect people with their being. from there, everything else gets easier”

Through shifting your focus to your state of being and utilizing techniques that uplift your spirits, energize you, and reconnect you to your purpose, the pathway forward naturally presents itself.

Discover the Enliven Approach and unlock your leadership brilliance and that of your team. Each trusting in themselves. Trusting in one another. Trusting in the intelligence of life.

It Can Be Simple…

Simple and Life-Changing Techniques


Shaila serves as the Equity & Inclusion Consultant for Enliven Leadership and provides guidance on building diversity, equity, and inclusion organizational capacity. She is the Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) for Stanford’s School of Medicine. Prior to starting at Stanford, Dr. Kotadia led the STEM Equity & Inclusion Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley where she conducted an institutional assessment of STEM diversity programs and advanced partnerships in DEI to ensure student and research success in STEM academic units. 

Dr. Kotadia received her undergraduate degree in Cell and Structural Biology with minors in Geography and Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign followed by a Ph.D. in Genetics and Development from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She is also the co-Founder of STEM Dance-ology, an organization that promotes the discovery and translation of science concepts through creative movement for students of all ages, adding to Enliven Leadership’s values of movement and play.

Shaila Kotadia, Ph.D.

Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Lisa Dennen-Young, Founder of LDY Enterprises DEI Consulting, partners with Enliven Leadership to offer Leadership Liberated Executive Edition, a transformational approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that leads with allyship. Lisa was the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States. For 10+ years she’s trained global audiences about cross-cultural communication, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and human expression across professional and personal relationships. Lisa mentors individuals to be epically expressed as their highest calling leadership for success in their relationships, love, and as the visible leader in their communities.

She combines her lineages of medicine women and healers, Civil Rights activists who supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the 60s, her diversity, linguistic, and cross-cultural communication expertise, and her sound healing to create an unparalleled unique experience of learning, healing, and big bold action taking with greater ease as you expand your leadership.

Her blend of fun and light-hearted depth includes dance, vocals, songwriting, spoken word, sound healing, rhythmic play, poetry, love coaching, and multilingual MCing / presenting. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, with working knowledge of French, Turkish and Italian, and lives with her partner in Monterrey, California.

Lisa Dennen-Young M.A.

Co-Active Coach & facilitator

Gitta is a co-active coach with over 12 years of experience in professional communication, executive presence, confidence, and presentation coaching. Clients also seek to work with Gitta to bring clarity for career change, fulfillment and life purpose. Gitta supports leaders in finding courage, integrity and clear vision during times of transition. Her mission is to change the world by changing the way leaders think. Since 2008, Managers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and presenter around the globe have delivered masterful, authentic and impactful messages after a coaching relationship with Gitta. Whether in one-on-one settings, or speaking at conferences in front of large audiences, Gitta’s clients experience how changes to their non-verbal communication profoundly impacts their listeners. Having lived and coached in Germany, Sydney, Paris and Rome, Gitta’s international and quadrilingual background brings cultural diversity and a global mindset.

In addition to her coaching, Gitta’s strong background and knowledge of health, nutrition, yoga and mindfulness practices offers her clients a unique and holistic approach for achieving extraordinary results.

Gitta Sivander

DEI Consultant and Leadership Coach

Dr. Carley Corrado works with mission-driven leaders and organizations to catalyze them into their next level of impact and contribution. Her approach engages both sides of the brain as informed by leading edge research in neuroplasticity and epigenetics which is well balanced with her strategic, scientific approach. From her background as a PhD renewable energy scientist and certification in Transformational Facilitation, she is both trained and gifted at working with individuals and groups to navigate challenges creatively. 

Carley is passionate about what becomes possible when a purpose-driven leader and their mission-driven team leads from heart and mind coherence and enters into a state of flow. Guided by their mission and values, they are open to possibility. By going through her own journey of liberation from stress and burnout into greater world-positive impact, Carley developed the Enliven Approach from a place of inspiration and pleasure by using techniques that rewire one’s brain and heart connectivity in a specific proprietary sequence. 

Carley Corrado, Ph.D.

Founder and Director

Our Team

DEIB Strategist & Consultant

Ivy is the Founder of The Independent Consultant Inc., a strategy-forward Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) firm specializing in workshop facilitation that partners with Enliven Leadership. She has a decade of experience helping hundreds of people routinely become proactive allies to marginalized and oppressed groups in and beyond the workplace. Ivy has trained folks in building a routine in their own business by doing an internal audit on contracts, websites, sales copy, imagery, email campaigns, and marketing to make inclusion a cohesive component in a brand. Outside of her DEIB work with community-based organizations, nonprofits, and big tech, Ivy has built and developed in-house DEIB-focused leadership teams and coached yoga instructors, piano teachers, retirees, parents, social media influencers, and more to help them make incremental changes to express allyship in both business and interpersonal parts of life.
Aligned with her mission to empower and enable others in learning and development, she offers dozens of event plans for DEIB workshops that coincide with every heritage/awareness month.

Ivy Summer

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In this 8-week course dedicated to catalyze your purpose and passion, you will be supported by community and held by accountability so that you may reignite your fire, access your creativity and turn-on your hunger and drive.

Would you like to lead with pleasure?

Leadership with Pleasure: Shakti Breathwork Series

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Begin the exploration with a team-building assessment & workshop to clearly identify the areas that aren’t working so that you can resolve them quickly. 

Team-Building and 
Cultural Transformation

What if your team trademarks were trust, 
value-alignment, and heartfelt kinship?

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In this 4-month 1:1 coaching and strategy leadership development journey, you’ll enhance your soul-aligned impact and heart’s fulfillment while dramatically reducing stress as you shift from force to flow. This program is customizable to your needs.

Enliven Your Leadership
1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to shift from force to flow?

How We Can Help



“At a design challenge, I was assigned to a table with 5 strangers. Carley asked us to close our eyes and guided us through a visioning session where we imagined that we were a year in the future. As a team we’d won that day’s design challenge and successfully implemented the solution. We were laughing and congratulating each other. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t see 5 strangers. I saw 5 amazing team mates. I decided right then and there that I had to work with Carley.

Carley is brilliant, focused, and effective at unlocking collective genius. If you want to get to the next level as a team or a broader organization, I strongly recommend that you work with Carley. I’m looking forward to many future collaborations!”



“I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Carley in a professional context, so she was the first person I thought of who could work with me in distilling the over 40 years of experience I have in almost every aspect of healthcare into a success-enhancing practical guidebook to navigating the system.

In our work together, she helped me connect to my immense passion for the empowerment that I wish to share. With her guidance, I was able to distill my message and create my desired outcome while maintaining this deeper connection to my passion. It actually allowed me to communicate from my heart, rather than becoming overly analytical. This really made the process joyful, fun, and very much efficient and to the point. Working with Carley is truly a delight and I look forward to the next time!”



“Carley is an highly talented coach/consultant who blends together an amazing array of skills. Through one of her business visioning sessions she was able to quickly help me articulate the desired direction of my business. She ask great questions while keeping you connected to your intuition. A pleasure to work with her!”



“Carley is a passionate and powerfully engaging facilitator. I loved attending her fascinating workshop on Rewiring your Brain from Limitation to Possibility. I have been using the potent tools she shared with us in my life and am finding them to be transformative. I highly recommend attending a workshop with Carley!”

Yes to this!



“In my Enliven Your Leadership coaching journey with you, Carley, the flow that we went through has been exquisite in all aspects! The timing, content, tone…the way you hold the container I felt welcome, open, spacious, while holding potential from a place of non-judgement, no attachment to anything, just pure love, no forcing.

I was putting so much pressure on myself with this forcing! I’m finally backing off and instead coming from a place that is gentle, supportive and fun, while still having a clear preference for excellence. I feel more relaxed, yet still alert and thoroughly inspired.

From our journey together, I’m learning how I can hold myself from that place of love and excitement rather than a place of “I’m not there yet.” This truly feels like the way to cultivate the highest possibility!”



“I could replace coffee with this!”



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