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You do not have to carry your mission on your back anymore. It’s time for you to shift from doing your work while tired, overwhelmed, and challenged by your team into an energized flow in which you are inspired and uplifted by your team’s open, collaborative atmosphere.

All of this while increasing your impact as you let go of trying to force reality and instead optimize your neurobiology so you may let life lead.

You get to love your work

Inspiration, not stress

It’s time to lead from

Be so devoted to your work and your mission but experience it like a ton of bricks on your back that you can never quite seem to get out from under.

Live ongoingly overwhelmed by your to-do list in a state of “once I finish this project, I’ll be able to…” but that moment never comes because there’s always a new project.

Feel the weight of your responsibility, like everything is riding on you, feeling worry and anxiety about the outcomes resulting from your labor and adding pressure.

Feel stress around your team’s interpersonal dynamics, efficiency, and sense of togetherness.

I know what it’s like to:

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It’s time you learn the techniques to lead with pleasure, create the conditions for your team to thrive, and attract opportunities you couldn’t have even imagined as you release control and let life lead.

The underlying problem is not that at all. It’s the way you’re approaching your work including your mindset, beliefs, and neurobiology. “Pushing through” in a state of stress with a mild level of anxiety that is nearly constant and spikes when you’re getting squeezed before a deadline or unforeseen challenge.

If you persist from this state, you will continue to feel stressed and no amount of external change in conditions will fix it. Eventually, you'll hit burnout. Since this pattern is self-perpetuating, you are blocking what you most desire by navigating in this way.

A completely different reality is possible...

Increase your level of productivity and  grind through it.

The problem is, You think you'll succeed IF you...

CEO at an international nonprofit

M.P. *

"Facing the brink of closure due to funding challenges after seven years serving an incredible mission, I was engulfed in the relentless cycle of hustling and stress. Carley's leadership coaching, team-building guidance and guided breathwork practices introduced me to the Enliven Approach, shifting my focus from the old ways of striving to a new paradigm.

Incredibly, our organization's trajectory underwent a complete transformation without the usual hustle and stress. The monumental change that ensued—securing full funding for the upcoming year, granting well-deserved raises to our team, and expanding our staff—was a testament to the power of the Enliven Approach. Carley's guidance didn't just alter my leadership style; it fundamentally reshaped our organization's future, all achieved through a newfound sense of ease and alignment."

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From Stressing to Thriving: The Enliven Approach enlivens cash flow

Lead the shift in organizational culture by edging into vulnerability, not needing to be right, and allowing others to rise into greater leadership.

Be Authentically You 

Be willing and ready to experiment, try new things, have an open mind and enjoy the inquiry into new possibilities.

Let Go And Flow 

Notice when you feel stressed, anxious, or other difficult feeling and engage in a short exercise to come back to center.

Have Awareness Of What You Require 

Develop emotional intelligence that transforms your relationship with yourself and everyone around you.

Reconnect With Yourself 

You Will Be Able To:

This journey takes commitment. 100%. If you are truly ready, it will be a breeze.


You’re open to having some fun. You’re kind of excited for the unknown and willing to discover new things by going there.

Open To A New Way Of Being 

Changing habits takes an input of energy. You’ll have to work for it at first. After that, it will work for you.


This is for you if you are:


Heather Wolf

“It has been so refreshing to work with Carley! As an entrepreneur taking steps outside of my comfort zone, working with her has been helpful for my navigation. In our sessions she takes me to an altered state where I am able to connect with my deep truth and the courage to listen to it. She guides me to awaken and embody the wisdom within me which has been blocked by fear or doubt, the wisdom that I most need in order to know the next steps that are a full ‘yes’ in my being. 

What I love about Carley is that she also walks the path herself and leads from a place of authenticity. She can meet you wherever you are on the path with pure respect & uplifting compassion. She hears you, encourages you and provides deep, authentic support that allows you to be who you truly are and realize your next steps forward. With the support of the practices Carley facilitates in our sessions, I receive intuitive guidance on a deep bodily level."

Let’s connect

  • World-positive impact & joy-filled process
  • Intellect & intuition
  • Head & heart

Find Life-changing balance between:

This coaching & strategy leadership development journey is designed to enhance your purpose-aligned impact and heart’s fulfillment while reducing your stress as you shift from force to flow.

Enliven Your Leadership Coaching & Strategy



Elisa Rose

“My music career is expanding in exciting ways and I’ve deepened in my facilitation work! Through my 4-month journey with Carley, my intuition has strengthened and I have a more trusting relationship with myself. I’ve realized that many of the answers to important life questions that felt illusive live within me if I can just tune into them. The practices I learned through our work together, as well as the motivation to shift from mental overhaul into inspired knowing, has been transformative to my life. Through this strengthened relationship, I feel emboldened to keep taking steps outside my comfort zone. I’m so grateful for my increased confidence and more loving relationship with myself.”

What they’re saying:


Rei Lord

“In my Enliven Your Leadership coaching journey with you, Carley, the flow that we went through has been exquisite in all aspects! I felt welcome, open, spacious, while holding potential from a place of non-judgement, no attachment to anything, just pure love, no forcing.

I was putting so much pressure on myself with this forcing! I’m finally backing off and instead coming from a place that is gentle, supportive and fun, while still having a clear preference for excellence. I feel more relaxed, yet still alert and thoroughly inspired.

From our journey together, I’m learning how I can hold myself from that place of love and excitement rather than a place of “I’m not there yet.” This truly feels like the way to cultivate the highest possibility!”

What they’re saying:

So that you magnetize support and build aligned momentum forward. [Relationship Activation Practice]

Module 4: Communicate brilliantly 

So that you are open to unexpected bounty as you release attachment to “the how.” [Creating with Pleasure Practice]

Module 3: Plug into the intelligence of life 

So that you breakthrough limiting beliefs and navigate from a deep sense of trust. [Power Practice]

Module 2: Anchor into power center 

So that your focus is crystal clear and your efforts aligned & impactful. [Entelechy Practice]

Module 1: Activate your vision 

Take the journey! 

Packed within this journey is the power to ignite potential. It will catalyze significant change in your life in the area you most desire it.

Your desire

You will not be the same person at the end of our journey together. As you integrate these techniques, you will experience greater trust, flow, and humor as you let life lead.

Upgraded Navigation

This program is designed for you to learn four game-changing practices that will lovingly alter your relationship with yourself and the way you navigate your purpose & leadership. 

Potent Techniques

You will receive:

100% commitment to your vision

Juice to make it happen:

  • Clear action steps: inspired action (external) + way of being (internal)

  • Guided audio & written instructions for each practice


Week of Rest

Week 4

90 min session

Week 3

20 min check-in call

Week 2

90 min session

Week 1

1 module per month, each module:

The 1:1 journey lasts 4 months total 

Here’s how it works:

  • Session recordings
  • Accountability

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Come to life fully, let life lead, enliven yourself.

It’s time you invest in your leadership