Founder: Dr. Carley Corrado

Dr. Carley Corrado is a business consultant for teams of brilliant individuals who are ready to shift from a bunch of small waves into one big wave to crush their goals. She utilizes techniques that are informed by the latest breakthroughs in neurobiology and team dynamics research to create organizational cultures where trust is the foundation and increased effectiveness and talent retention is the outcome. When a team becomes truly coherent, they work together in a unified manner resulting in enhanced wellbeing, creativity, and success.

Dr. Corrado’s signature ENLIVEN Approach combines a simple strategy to access acute mental clarity that is aligned with her clients’ vision and mission. In her work with executive teams, this approach is especially impactful in informing decision-making. It provides a template for aligning decisions with desired impact through a repeatable method that the team trusts. Rather than coming from stress or overwhelm with mental activity stemming from the “downstairs brain,” this technique shifts activity to the prefrontal cortex, or “symphony conductor” of the brain, yielding better results as well as a calmer nervous system. 

Carley earned her PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 with research focused on renewable energy materials science. Teaching over a thousand college students, she weaved mindset into her Chemistry curriculum earning her an avid following of students. During this time, she co-founded Women and Science and Engineering (WiSE) Outreach program, bringing teams of scientists into K-12 classrooms to do experiments and break stereotypes about what scientists look like. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of her educational pursuits including being a multi-year participant in the Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE) program to earn a Certification for Inclusive Inquiry STEM Education and volunteering with Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) to mentor students from diverse backgrounds. 

During her Physics postdoctoral research, she was awarded an NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) Postdoctoral Fellowship leading to her role as project manager between her lab’s greenhouse solar collaboration with NASA microbiologists, academic plant scientists, and commercial growers. When her PI Professor Sue A. Carter was awarded an NSF I-Corps Fellowship, Carley was the Entrepreneurial Lead in the Lean Startup course at Stanford University. This led to her becoming the Director of Business Development at Soliculture, the solar greenhouse company launched from her Physics lab. 

As a director, Carley observed that particular elements hampered the effectiveness of the tech industry. Technology isn’t the limiting factor to solving our planet’s challenges, but instead effective methods of collaboration to connect brilliant minds to each other and their purpose. This glaring need inspired her to develop a group-dynamic-informed approach to leadership. She became well-versed in techniques to reprogram the brain’s neural connectivity to enable higher functionality, create psychological safety in groups, and unlock the collective genius of teams. Utilizing these techniques allows barriers between people to come down and the group intelligence quotient to go up. This not only increases team success, but also their happiness and wellness. This is linked directly to engagement, innovation, and employee retention.

Dr. Corrado is devoted to nurturing and restoring the vibrancy of life on this planet thriving in remarkable ecosystems. The ENLIVEN Approach incorporates these vital elements to enable individual peak performance and effective group dynamics as pillars at the foundation of successful, impactful business.