Enliven Leadership - Ground your vision, grow your impact

VISION:  To create the conditions for all of life to flourish through restoring our planet’s clean water and living soil through catalyzing the success of green business.

MISSION: To shift green business practices to a more holistic approach that integrates the heart and mind, and effectively uplevels their impact and contribution.

Dr. Carley Corrado

Carley is a consultant and strategist for mission-driven business in the areas of regenerative agriculture and renewable energy. She‘s dedicated to creating conditions for life to thrive on the planet through restoring soil and water health.

Dr. Corrado’s signature ENLIVEN Approach combines asset-based strategy with deeply creative processes effectively catalyzing her clients’ impact and contribution.

Carley earned her PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz with research focused on developing materials for energy-efficient lighting. She was awarded an NSF Science Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) postdoctoral fellowship in a renewable energy Physics Laboratory. This work contributed to the creation of the greenhouse solar company Soliculture, where she became the Director of Business Development. Working with more than a hundred farmers, she discovered her passion for regenerative agriculture, water, and soil health.

As a director, she developed a keen eye for noticing particular elements hampering the effectiveness of the renewable energy tech industry. Simultaneously, she observed provocative connections between building living soil, full of an array of microbial life forms that work together to create the most fertile conditions for growth, and creating an organization structured to be guided by those same principles innate to the intelligence of life.

This inspired Carley to develop a holistic approaches to leadership. This has included becoming certified in Transformative Facilitation, as well as becoming well-versed in techniques to optimize creativity, heart and mind coherence and reprogramming the brain’s neural connectivity to enable higher functionality. Dr. Corrado applies these methods in her ENLIVEN Approach with executive teams enabling effective group dynamics. She is devoted to nurturing and restoring the vibrancy of life on this planet thriving in remarkable ecosystems. The ENLIVEN Approach incorporates these vital elements as pillars at the foundation of successful, impactful green business.

Carley is described by her clients as energizing, inspiring, sharp, visionary and empowering. Her strategic approach creates holistic changes within individuals and in organizations yielding fruitful results.