Carley helped us to focus in on our mission, the foundation of a modern successful business, and then to assemble the working parts. The key working parts are people, and how to attract and build a team to continue growing our business is our greatest challenge.

Carley’s insights and guidance is helping us to create a magnetic, energized enterprise that is both nimble and deeply connected to purpose.  The triple bottom line is baked in to our business model, as it is in Carley’s integrated approach. Business as ecosystem has become part of common parlance these days, and the intricacies of assembly must build upon insight and effective organization. We look forward to using the skills and sensibility of Enliven Leadership as we grow our business.

— Michael Maki, PacificGro

Carley Corrado is an outstanding and charming professional. 

I had the pleasure of doing an "Energize your Vision" session with her, and not only Carley was extremely professional but also helped me focus on the development of AG 4.0, an agricultural workshop where Carley is set to be panelist. As I am working with her on the development of AG 4.0, I have to highlight that she is a very responsible person, with a very solid knowledge about the industry and she is a very good communicator, and also has an excellent and professional manner. 

Carley has a very positive attitude towards all aspects in both her personal and professional sides, and she demonstrates as well that she has very important ethical and professional values.

— Maria Angel Onofrio, Project Manager at Challenge Advisory

I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Carley in a professional context, so she was the first person I thought of who could work with me in distilling the over 40 years of experience I have in almost every aspect of healthcare into a success-enhancing practical guidebook to navigating the system.

In our work together, she helped me connect to my immense passion for the  empowerment that I wish to share. With her guidance, I was able to distill my message and create my desired outcome while maintaining this deeper connection to my passion. It actually allowed me to communicate from my heart, rather than becoming overly analytical. This really made the process joyful, fun, and very much efficient and to the point. Working with Carley is truly a delight and I look forward to the next time! 

— Cheri Tyler, Senior Quality Improvement Auditor at a national health insurance organization

Carley is a passionate and powerfully engaging facilitator. I loved attending her fascinating workshop on Rewiring your Brain from Limitation to Possibility. I have been using the potent tools she shared with us in my life and am finding them to be transformative.

I highly recommend attending a workshop with Carley!

— Alicia Grayson, International Teacher, Coach, and Somatic Psychotherapist

I found the “Presenting yourself confidently: body language for success” workshop to be very helpful for assessing our individual good qualities, the key personality traits that should be made part of how we present to other people. The workshop gave us a lot to think about in a fun, supportive environment. Thanks!

— Tim M., Aerospace Engineer, Physics Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL)