Enliven Leadership - Services


We offer one-on-one and group sessions for significant breakthroughs. Results include robust strategy leading to mission accomplishment of world-positive contributions.

Our approach facilitates a rekindling of passion and harnessing it as a source of energy. The techniques return our clients to a state of high creativity. We may even use brain and heart wave instrumentation in our work together, to show you in realtime your state of coherence, and train you to access this state. This approach fires up the brain’s symphony conductor, your prefrontal cortex, to get out of a rut and into flow.

The result of visioning, problem-solving, and strategizing from this state grants access to higher creativity that supports you to accomplish your mission. In all, this is an enjoyable and fruitful process and levels up your impact.



We facilitate events, conferences, and retreats enlivening the energy in the room. This creates fertile conditions for necessary connections.

Never again will you sit in a room full of experts and potential collaborators and only get to connect with them during breaks and meals. You’ll be satisfied - even happy - with the opportunities built-in to start new meaningful relationships.

We’re facilitating experts. By acknowledging the wisdom in a room and creating interactive sessions designed to stimulate creativity and connection, we provide real value for participants while simultaneously transforming a group of strangers into an energized group of friends and allies.



We’re invited to speak at agriculture and clean technology conferences and events to enliven the passion in the room, addressing opportunities we have as change-makers to do business differently.

It’s time to know and experience how making a positive impact on the planet and being wildly successful are symbiotic.

Carley’s speaking is enthusiastically uplifting. She includes practical tools and techniques supporting a shift in perspective which can shift your business’ future impact.

Carley Corrado