Enliven Leadership - Services


StrategistWe offer one-on-one and group transformation packages. In this work, we assess your team’s strengths and challenges and design workshops, team strategy and accountability customized to create your desired outcome. This typically includes building skills in communication, conflict resolution, and team alignment.

The result of uplifting your team spirit and creating structures to support your team ignites creativity, productivity, and supports you to accomplish your mission.



FacilitatorWe facilitate events, conferences, and retreats enlivening the energy in the room and setting the stage for meaningful discussions and real connections to be made.

Never again will you sit in a room full of experts and potential collaborators and only get to connect with them during breaks and meals. By acknowledging the wisdom in a room and creating interactive sessions designed to stimulate connection to purpose and each other, we provide real value for participants while transforming a group of strangers into an energized group of friends and allies.


Carley CorradoWe’re invited to speak at conferences and events to enliven the room and speak to the opportunity we have as leaders to do business differently through unifying with each other and our mission. Through learning mind-twisting neurobiology and hearing heart-touching stories, the practical tools and techniques to unlock your team’s collective genius support a shift in perspective and approach which can change lives and enhance your business’ impact. Carley’s speaking is enthusiastically uplifting while deeply grounded in research and results.